Incandescent Lamps

We offer you quality and predictability from all our incandescent lamps. Each lamp has gone through an aging process to weed out any short circuit or vacuum leakage. The average life cycle of a lamp is recorded under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Each package of bulbs states the voltage, mA, and diameter of the bulb. Please do not exceed the rated voltage. If you are using a voltage higher than the lampís rating, you need to add the proper value resistor.

In addition to clear incandescent lamps we offer vibrant colored incandescent lamps. There are many uses for color in a diorama.

Simple instructions: The bulbs are easy to install. Locate the place at which you wish to install the bulb, make sure the size fits. If needed, we recommend you use GE Silicone Glue. DO NOT USE CRAZY GLUE! The silicone glue will allow for easy removal of a bulb when you need to change the bulb. CAUTION Ė when installing bulbs in styrene, some bulbs can get hot, especially if run at higher then recommended voltage, leave room around bulb so heat can be dissipated.

  1.5V 1.34MM Diameter, 25mA [ 10 pcs ]
Code: 18-025-10
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  1.5V 1.34MM Diameter, 25mA [ 20 pcs ]
Code: 18-025-20
Quantity in Basket: none