Lighting Effects


Wherever you look as you walk down the street you see some form of lights. Stores and buildings have interior and exterior lights. Stores advertise their wares by attracting your attention to their windows. If you are driving you see red warning lights, strobe lights, flashing lights. There is a never ending progression of construction sites. Everything requires some form of light. Lights attract attention; you can too! It is easy to do if you use the variety of Miniatronics’ Lighting Effects.

We make selecting the right transformer easy:

Guide for Transformer Selection

Miniatronics part #WT412 (12VDC @ 400 mA) will power up to 4 of any of the following products: 100-NL1-01, 100-NL2-01, 100-NL3-01, 100-LHB-01, 100-WS6-01, 100-101-01, 100-201-01, 100-N01-01, 100-N02-01, 100-C24-01, all Strobe Lights

When purchasing more than 4 units, use our WT12 (regulated 12 VDC @ 1 Amp), which will power up to 10 units! Note: WT12 is not recommended for 100-NL1-01, 100-NL2-01, 100-NL3-01, or 100-LHB-01.

  Yeloglo Ultra Bright LED Headlight - 3mm [1 unit]
Code: 100-311-01
Quantity in Basket: none
A small PC board makes installation easy for replacing your old headlight. Now you can have your engine light look like the real thing. This light emulates the look of an incandescent light, no need to worry how to wire an LED. Only 2 wires to hook up. Board measures 5/16” X 5/8” X 1/8”.

  Yeloglo Car Lighting
Code: 100-YCB-01
Quantity in Basket: none
HO scale Caboose Interior Car Lighting for DC or DCC use. Voltage regulated,Rectified, AC/DC, 14VAC run on DCC, 6VDC lights at 4-5 volts. Board draws36mA current. This unit is for the 1940's and earlier. Electrical pick ups included for HO caboose, as well as double sided mounting tape. Super Cap keeps lights on up to 4 minutes when power turned off. This device can be used for N scale passenger cars. If unit is too long one of the LED's can be broken off without disturbing the lighting effect.