The turn of the twentieth century saw the start of the use of electricity to power street lamps. There were just a few styles then, but now there are many different types from the simplest to the most ornate. We have brought you street lampposts that fit into any era; these would be our 12 volt lampposts. Our 16 volt lampposts are a bit more decorative, but perfectly suited for lampposts used from the 1920’s to the present. The Miniatronics lampposts take you from the twentieth century to the twenty first century. All the Miniatronics’ lampposts are brass. They are fully operational and easy to install. Choose the look that best enhances your diorama. For variety add several different types to create unique scenes.

  Green Gas Lamp
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  N Scale Double Searchlight [ 1 unit ]
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  N Scale Single Searchlight [ 1 unit ]
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